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After 3 long weeks (14 business days) of waiting for my package, I finally have it. I dropped by the post office yesterday after confirming from a staff that my package had indeed arrived at the post office. I bought 2 grammar books and 2 novels. I had originally planned to get these books from Libro’s online shop on Gmarket because I was trying to take advantage of the discounted shipping fee promo. But it turns out that the books were listed as not available for worldwide shipping so I ended up making a deal with Ms. Betchay from Buhay Korea. I super love her for helping me get these books from Libro’s website for a small fee, of course. To save myself a few bucks, I opted for air parcel instead of EMS that’s why it took weeks to reach our post office.Sorry for the crappy quality of the images. I was so excited to take pictures of them, I used my phone’s crappy camera. Anyway, it’ll take me forever before I finish reading these novels. Well, now I have two more reasons to study Korean. ^^ I’ll talk more about the grammar books on my next post. 많이 기대해 주세요. ^^


Pictures from my camera.

10 thoughts on “Stuff From Libro

  1. Congrats! I’m sure you’re happy with the new books! So you ended up buying both novels! Let’s talk about 내 이름은 김삼순 novel – when we can read it… or better yet, let’s study it together!

    • Super happy! The grammar books are definitely some of the best out there. IMHO, I think they’re way better than the highly recommended Integrated Korean 1-4.

      LOL! I tried reading 내 이름은 김삼순 last night. It took me one hour (or even more) to read the first few paragraphs. I’m not even sure I understood it well. XD But oh well. Will study harder. ^^ The book was smaller than I had expected. Coz in your WP avatar, it looks big. XD

      • Haha! Now that I looked at it again, you’re right. It looks way bigger in my avatar than its actual size. I like it better without the cover though. 🙂
        Hey, wanna do a collab or something for 내 이름은 김삼순 book? I just got excited that somebody else is reading it… and I want to progress on it as well. I have a tendency of putting it off especially when things get too difficult. I dunno what we can do though… maybe a regular discussion or comparing notes… in my blog or your blog or both or other places…I dunno… what do you think? 🙂

  2. Definitely considering buying those two Korean books now! (Even if I’m clueless about where or how to get them). And… I have SungKyunKwan Scandal’s novel, not sure it will be readable at all though :\
    Pretty pictures<3

    • They look thicker in the photo than its actual size. Haha!
      I had never heard of this book before. I wasn’t even planning on buying new grammar books. I was just randomly browsing some books on Hangulpark’s website and I found these grammar books by accident. After seeing the table of contents and some sample scans, I got interested. I searched online for good reviews but there were only a few but I decided to take the risk and buy the book even though I didn’t know whethert was good or not. I just found out how good they really are when I got them. These books are really awesome! I’m working on a review. XD

  3. How much did you pay for each book? I read from Buhay Korea site that she charges 20% of the total amount. Is that right? I also checked her online store here: Which do you think is cheaper, the one you asked her to buy for you or the one from her online store? I also plan to ask her to buy stuff from 10×10. Still not decided yet.

    • I think the shopping service is cheaper. I paid $14 for the beginning book, $18 for the intermediate, 6000won for My Name is Kim Sam Soon, 10500won for Big Bang’s book. I think I paid additional 10000-11000won for the service fee. I asked her to buy the books from Libro because they offer the cheapest price.

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