Enriching English

I’m getting pretty rusty with English. It all started in college after I had a medical procedure. It affected my memory. I used to remember a lot of memories from high school but after that, I could only remember the ones that really meant a lot to me. It didn’t help at all that when I took up a computer course, we were not required to do any paperworks so my English skills slowly began to fade due to lack of practice. When I was in high school, I was more fluent since we have English enrichment classes. I decided to start blogging in 2006 to help me regain the English skills that I lost and enhance it more. But school was eating my time and I had nothing much to blog about that’s interesting for the readers.

Now that I’m no longer in school since I already graduated, I’m going to spend more time learning Korean and enriching my English skills. One thing that made me want to enhance my English is fanfictions. I’ve been writing fanfictions since October last year. My writing style is so crappy and my choice of words is boring. I wanted it to be more flowery and dreamy. I envy some fanfiction writers who are really good. The way they write their stories is really awesome, it’s as if I am standing nearby watching the scenes happening before my very eyes. I hope to be able to write stories the way they do. I want to write it just like how I pictured it in my brain. I don’t just want to tell people about the story, I want to show it to them and make them feel as if they were in the scene together with the characters.

I bought two books to help me refresh what I’ve learned in high school. I’m using “A Practical English Grammar” by A.J. Thompson and A.V. Martinet. If I remember correctly, it’s the same book that my teacher used for our class when I was in 1st year high school. It’s the low-priced edition and it costs P429 (approx. $10). I also have Collin’s Complete Guide to Writing (no picture). I like these books because they’re very detailed especially the first book even though the second book is thicker. The first book is more straight-to-the-point than the second one. But the second one has exercises which the first book doesn’t have. I’m gonna do a more in-depth review of the two books soon (when I’m not feeling lazy LOL).

Note: There’s nothing wrong with my English comprehension skills. I can understand English perfectly but I’m having a hard time in writing/making compositions/esssays or holding a conversation with no ‘ummm’s and ‘uhhhh’s in between my sentences.