Korean Typing Practice

During my Skype session with my language exchange partner, I apologized for being a little slow in typing Korean. Whenever I ask her if a certain sentence is correct or not, it takes me a while to type the sentence. I’m still not used to typing Korean on my laptop. Typing Korean on my iPod is so much easier that’s why I use it more often. She mentioned about a software that can help me with my typing skills. It’s called ‘뽁뽁이타자’. I asked a friend on me2day if he knows about this software and if he could send it to me. He was not sure whether or not it would work on Windows 7. But I still gave it a try and installed it. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work on Windows 7, only on Windows XP. OTL However…I found an online flash game and a software that’s similar to ‘뽁뽁이타자’.

키즈짱 타자

I decided to Google some software that will help me practice my typing skills and I found this online flash game called ‘키즈짱 타자‘. If you’re slow in typing Korean like me, try playing this game. It’s so much fun! Just beware though because it can get a little too addicting. LOL.

한컴 타자 연습
I also found this typing software called ‘한컴 타자 연습‘. I prefer using this software than the online game because the game was addicting. I don’t want to get addicted with that game or else I will no longer have time to study Korean. Hahaha!

Why not just buy Korean keyboard stickers?
– Erm…I searched Amazon, pretty cheap, expensive shipping. And besides, I don’t like putting stickers on Miguel, my laptop. XD

Why not make your own DIY Korean keyboard stickers?
– Too tedious. =.=