[NOTES] Reply 1997 #1

After I got my Reply 1997 novel, I spent hours reading it until I reached page 20 of the book. This book is way beyond my level and some parts are written in Busan dialect but I like to read materials that are advanced because it challenges me and I like being exposed to words and grammar structure that I wouldn’t normally see on news articles or beginner textbooks.

Okay, so the purpose of this post (and upcoming Reply 1997 Notes posts I will publish on this blog in the future) is to share my notes on what I have learned from the novel like vocabulary, grammar points and other stuff like my own interpretation of the sentences/paragraphs. I don’t really like to translate word-for-word because some sentences kinda sound awkward when translated into English. But if you guys see any mistake, I’m giving you the permission to correct me but in a nice way, of course. XD So here it goes…

Page 1
1st Paragraph: Description of Siwon’s Clothes

“칠년 목은 청바지에 정가 9,900원짜리 하얀 티셔츠. 하도 입어서 이젠 거북이 등껍질처럼 몸통에 들러붙어 버린 카키색 조끼. 좋게 말하면 전천후 기능성 캐주얼 차림이고. 까놓고 말하면 노숙 꿈나무 패션이다. 일주일쯤 안 씻고 길바닥에 누우면 누군가 신문지를 덮어줄지도 모르지.”

목다 – old
정가 – price
-짜리 – worth, amount, value
하얗다 – white, fair, pale
하도 – too, so, very (?)
거북 – turtle, tortoise
등껍질 – shell
몸통 – trunk, torso
들러붙다 – adhere, cling, attach
조끼 – vest
전천후 – all-weather, all-around
기능성 – functionality
차림 – outfit
까놓다 – straight
노숙 – homeless (?)
꿈나무 – (?) <— What does this mean??
길바닥 – road, street, ground
눕다 – lie
덮다 – cover

Interpretation: (Might not be accurate)
A 7-year old jeans and a white shirt worth ₩9,900. A well-worn khaki vest that clings to the body like a turtle’s shell. To put it nicely, it’s an all-around casual outfit. But frankly-speaking, it’s like what a homeless person would wear and if she were to lie on the streets without taking a bath for a week, there’s no certainty that someone will come and cover her up with a newspaper.

I have completely ignored (for now) my Big Bang book and My Name is Kim Sam Soon novel for Reply 1997 novel. XD