Koreans don’t ‘drink’ alcohol, they ‘eat’ them.

I still find this really funny. I was studying Korean two nights ago from an online resource and I came across this sentence: ‘술을 많이도 먹는데요.’ which means ‘You do indeed drink a lot of alcohol!’ However, before I read the translation provided by the site, I burst into laughter after I literally translated the sentence to ‘You do EAT a lot of alcohol.’ Seriously, I almost died from laughing excessively I don’t even know why because it’s not even that funny. I even had to bother Kat just to check if the sentence is really correct. And she said yes. 아이고, I was hoping she’d say it’s wrong. ㅠ Apparently, they also ‘eat’ medicine. My brain still cannot absorb why they use ‘eat’ instead of ‘drink’. Well, that’s how they roll so not gonna argue with that and just deal with it. XD But, do they sometimes say ‘술을 마셔요’? How about water? Do they ‘drink’ it or ‘eat’ it too?