Online Resources:

  • Talk To Me In Korean– a fun site to learn Korean grammar. They explain grammar points really well and their podcasts are really entertaining. You can also make a sentence of your own for each lesson and post them on the comments and they will provide corrections or rephrase it to make it more natural. The teachers are really friendly and approachable. Their Youtube channel has a lot of useful yet very entertaining videos.
  • KoreanClass101– pretty much similar to Talk to Me in Korean but I use TTMIK more than KC101. What I love about their podcasts is you always learn a thing or two about Korea as a country and their culture.
  • Sogang’s Online Korean Program– An interactive online site by Sogang University. Suitable for self-learners.
  • SNU’s Click Korean– Similar to Sogang’s but this one is created by Seoul National University. Suitable for self-learners. 20 units for beginners.
  • Intermediate College Korean Online Version– Online version of the book Intermediate College Korean.
  • LP’s Guide to Korean

Korean Textbooks:

Other Sites:

– I watch Pororo from time to time to practice my listening skills. I find it really entertaining. ^^ The Youtube channel also has the English dubbed versions which I check when I don’t understand some parts.

– Various online manhwas updated daily or weekly with different genre from comedy to horror to romance.

– Practice your Korean by writing a short entry and post it up on Lang-8. You’ll get corrections from native speakers of Korean.

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